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Welcome to nucula.

All Nucula users must have an individual authorized account in order to apply for or manage assignments to tournaments and schools.

Returning users - please login.

Users without an existing Nucula account - the steps to request and setup a user account are:

  1. Click the Request Account link and fill in the requested user-related information.
  2. The administrator will evaluate the account request and decide whether to approve or decline the request. If the account is approved, the system will send a confirmation email to the address specified in the request form. The confirmation email will include a system-generated password to be used for the initial login to the system. if the account request is declined, the system will send a confirmation email detailing the rejection.
  3. Assuming the account has been approved, login to the system using the login information specified in the confirmation email. Note that you will have to change your password the first time you login.

Contact the USTA Coordinator of Officials if you have questions about registration or rejected user account requests at 914-696-7280. You can also email the administrator at and putting "NUCULA" in the subject line.